Judge Wayne Trockman's 1/8/2010 Podcast

Judge Trockman sees a need for institutional change. Judge Wayne Trockman is the Superior Court Judge in Vanderburgh County. He brought the Drug Court Program's to Southern Indiana a decade ago. He talks about his observations, research, and future goals. Presently, his concern is that addicted people with criminal records have difficulty gaining employment. He speaks candidly and compassionately about his future "dream" for the addicted members of our society. Read More...

Michael Wickware's Podcast

Michael Wickware talks candidly about his experiences as a black, gay, alcoholic young male in a small community. He celebrates his recovery and faith daily. Read More...

Rev. Harland Taylor's Podcast

Reverend Harland Taylor talks about his experiences as a trusted servant of GOD . He shares how he believes his role can influence addicted brother's & sister's. Read More...
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