Snowflake"s Podcast

This teenage lock-in workshop brings over 300 teens to St Bens to learn about the reality of substance use, abuse, and dependence. This lock in is 15 years old and the teen issues remain the same. They need adults to listen & guide...not lecture & dominate! Their discussion on Radio Rehab demonstrates their excitement to share and lead their peers! Read More...

Chloe F.s Podcast 02-19-2011

Chloe F comes to Radio Rehab with 90 days clean & sober. She is an almost 18 year old teenager that has already progressed to later stages of addiction. She shares to other teens and parents about the mind, heart, & motivation of an 18 year old trying to stay 100% abstinent from all mood altering chemicals. Parents need to hear her! Read More...
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