Nicole's Podcast

Nicole is a 26 year old mother of four. She parented two boys before graduating high school. Her substance use began at age 12 with alcohol and marijuana. She graduated high school and her addiction progressed. By age 21, Nicole was in the Indiana Women's' Prison following a long history of drug, alcohol, violence and dealing lifestyle. Presently she's been clean and sober for 22 months.
She completed Judge Niemeier's Family C.H.I.N.S. Drug Court in Vanderburg County and has been clean, involved in 12 Step Recovery, managing a food service business and enjoying a good relationship with her boyfriend Jason and her household full of children.
Nicole shares her story and blames her attitude of "it's my business and I can do whatever I want" for her lifestyle demise.
Listen to her story of stubbornness, strength and sobriety.
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